From the Introduction -

Emotions are subjective. Emotions help define and communicate our internal and external condition and experience. Dictionary of Emotions: Words for Feelings, Moods, and Emotions is a collection of words to aid in recognizing, defining, and explaining one’s own emotional experience.

The project started in 1989 when I was working full time as a professional actor. My passion for acting was anchored in exploring and experiencing emotion and the human condition. I found myself searching for tools to aid in improving both my characters’ emotional development and my own emotional intelligence. I desired the ability to assign emotions and the intensity of those emotions to each circumstance in each scene of the script. This, I believed, would help me better understand the overall emotional experience of the character and the emotional arc of the story. I realized that a dictionary of emotions would be of value for all of us who want to expand our emotional vocabulary. With that in mind, I created Dictionary of Emotions: Words for Feelings, Moods, and Emotions.

This work serves as a tool for awareness and expression. I feel that it can be used to help us identify and understand many of our linguistic options for describing various states of our own emotional experience.

- Patrick Michael Ryan


Patrick Michael Ryan is the founder and CEO of PAMAXAMA. He has served in leadership roles for companies representing a range of industries, including real estate, retreading, fitness, and web development. His experience includes several years of working as a professional actor and in various production roles for theatre, television, film, and radio. Patrick studied acting at the California Institute of the Arts. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and 2 children.